Steering Committee



Meetings are usually held in the Community Room of the Fox Library in Arlington. Someone from the Steering Committee tries to be there by 7:00, to allow for a half-hour of socializing, but if the door is locked, please do wait.

Tuesday, April 4
7:30 PM, Fox Library Community Room
Tanzania Photo Safari
Shawn Carey
East Africa is well known for its abundant wildlife and vast lands stretching to the horizon as far as the eye can see. Enormous herds of Wildebeest, Zebra, antelopes and gazelles all moving about in search of food while trying to avoid the predators that wish to prey upon them. Join Shawn Carey as he shares his travel log of a recent safari to Tanzania and see photos and videos from four national parks including the world famous Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park. We will see the "Big Five" in their magnificent splendor: African Elephant, Black Rhino, African Cape Buffalo, Lion and Leopard. Experience what it's like to ride along in a safari vehicle as we look for and photograph Cheetah, Giraffe, Black-backed Jackal and Hippos. Along the way we will also see many fascinating birds of Tanzania including the national bird the Grey Crowned Crane and others like Greater Flamingo, Lilac-breasted Roller, Little Bee-eater and Giant Kingfisher just to name a few. Anyone with an interest in viewing wildlife and the excitement of visiting East Africa will enjoy this adventure and very possible have you wanting to plan your next trip to Tanzania.

Earlier meetings

Thursday, September 15
7:30 PM, Fox Library Community Room
The Top Ten Birding Locations in Central Mass: A Very Personal Countdown
Mark Lynch and Sheila Carroll
Central Massachusetts is a huge region stretching from the eastern border of Worcester County to the Connecticut River Valley. Here there are numerous tracts of forest, quite a number of rivers, some premier grasslands and marshes, and the two largest freshwater bodies in the state. In fall and spring, hawks, nighthawks and passerines move through in large numbers and many species stay in the area to breed. Central Massachusetts offers the birder a wide variety of quality birding destinations yet remains almost unknown to many birders who live in the eastern parts of the state. Tonight, Mark Lynch and Sheila Carroll will reveal a very personal list of their TOP TEN BIRDING SPOTS IN CENTRAL MASSACHUSETTS arrived after almost 40 years of birding the area.

Tuesday, October 25
7:30 PM, Fox Library Community Room
Audubon Climate Modeling Project
Geoff LeBaron - National Audubon Society
Audubon scientists recently completed an analysis modeling the winter and summer ranges of 588 North American birds in response to future climate change. Using extensive citizen science data and detailed climate layers, science staff developed models that characterized the relationship between the distribution of each species and climate. Then, these models were used to forecast species distributions to future time periods based on climate estimates described by the IPCC.  Geoff LeBaron from the National Audubon Society will address three topics of general interest for broad-scale bird conservation: (1) the impact of climate change on bird diversity in North America, (2) identification of areas that are expected to remain important to birds; namely "strongholds" or sites that are forecasted to remain climatically suitable through the year 2080 for individual species and communities, and (3) in-depth analyses of climate change impacts on priority species

Tuesday, November 22
7:30 PM, Fox Library Community Room
The Art of Bird Photography
Peter Christoph
Peter Christoph is a wildlife advocate, naturalist and wildlife photographer. His passion for photographing birds in their natural habitat, his technical excellence, and his artistic vision are revealed in his compelling images. Peter will share with you his epic birding adventures in a presentation that is both entertaining and informative. Filled with lively anecdotes he explains the techniques he uses to capture his intimate portraits of birds in their natural habitat. This presentation covers essential gear for photographing birds and discusses important settings and features of your camera which are useful for wildlife photography. Peter will take you beyond simply enhancing your bird photography skills and share with you his own approach to the art of bird photography in terms of lighting, composition, action, environment and background, in order to make outstanding images that tell a story and are sure to connect the viewer to the subject. Peter will be available for a book signing immediately following a short question and answer period.

Thursday, January 12
7:30 PM, Fox Library Community Room
GULLS: The good, the bad, and the ugly
Wayne R. Petersen
Gulls are one of the most familiar avian groups in coastal Massachusetts. They are species diverse, genetically complex, and seemingly uniquely adapted for survival in the present-day world. Despite their general familiarity, birders are often turned off by gulls because they sometimes pose identification dilemmas for even the most experienced observers. This brief presentation will offer participants information about the biology of gulls, along with some useful hints on how to find and identify the 18 species of gulls that regularly occur in the Northeast.  An evening lecture presenting gulls in an environmental and an ecological context will offer background that participants can hopefully apply in the field. A field trip to Cape Ann will be spent looking at a variety of gull species and their varied plumage that will hopefully reinforce content presented in the lecture.  (Details on the field trip to follow)

Thursday, February 23
7:30 PM, Fox Library Community Room
Raising Awareness and Building Capacity for Conservation in the Caribbean
Lisa Sorenson
The islands of the Caribbean are a biodiversity hotspot-there are an astonishing 172 endemic birds in the region, many of them threatened with extinction. The region is also a seasonal home for over 120 migratory species that spend up to 9 months of the year in the islands or stop-over to rest and refuel on their long journeys to and from Central or South America. These birds face many threats unfortunately, including destruction of their habitats, introduced invasive predators, pollution, and hunting and poaching. BirdsCaribbean is a regional non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of Caribbean birds and their habitats. In this presentation, Lisa will introduce us to some of the fascinating birds of the Caribbean and the challenges that they face. She will also share how BirdsCaribbean is working to promote environmental stewardship and conservation action through its various programs that are designed to raise awareness, instill pride, and empower local people to study, manage and conserve their irreplaceable natural heritage.

Tuesday, March 21
7:30 PM, Fox Library Community Room
Members Photo Night
Please join the Menotomy Bird Club as we present our Members Photo Night.  This presentation is always a favorite each year as our talented members display a wide arrange of photos and stories that show a combination of local birds and mammals, highlights from exotic travel locations, and amazing scenery.  Based on the reaction from our members from years past, this is a highlight of the year and we expect this year to be no different.