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Trip Schedule

Subscribers to ArlingtonBirds should look for updates on the listserv. Non-subscribers can find information in the archives. Beginners are welcome on all trips; please participate!

Saturday, February 4
Mystic Winter Birding
Take a two-hour trip along the Mystic Lakes and the upper Mystic River to discover what birds can be found in the middle of winter, even an exceptionally cold one. Each year hundreds of birds winter on and around the Mystic River and Lakes as long as open water is available. We'll look for raptors, such as Bald Eagle, Merlin, Cooper’s Hawk and Red-tailed Hawk; waterfowl, including Common and Hooded Mergansers; Red-bellied Woodpeckers and much more. Dress appropriately for the weather. (In very cold weather, this means in layers with hat or cap, gloves, water resistant boots with tread.) Meet at the Mystic Lakes Dam. Park at the Medford Boat Club parking lot in Medford directly off the Mystic Valley Parkway. (The parking lot is your first left about a half mile north of the Rte 60 bridge crossing the Mystic.)  Canceled in persistent rain or icy conditions; will go in snow as long as parking is open at the Mystic Lakes. Bring a birding field guide and binoculars if possible; there will be car pooling and very limited walking from the cars. Co-sponsored by the Friends of the Mystic River. 10:00AM-12:00PM Paul Roberts

Tuesday, March 28
Woodcock Walk - Alewife T Station
We will search the Northwest corner of Cambridge in hopes of seeing, or at least hearing, the American Woodcock's mating display, a traditional New England rite of spring.  Meet just outside the Russell Field Alewife exit (not the larger, busier Alewife exits near the buses). With some luck, we will only be using paved and smooth, flat gravel paths.  Participants may want to bring a flashlight and mud/water resistant shoes in case we decide to venture across unpaved terrain. 7:00-8:30PM Zack Weber

Sunday, April 2
Carlisle – Greenough Land
Visit one of Carlisle’s lesser-known Conservation Lands to look for lingering winter visitors and earlier migrants. We may also check out a vernal pool for herps. Co-sponsored by the Carlisle Conservation Foundation. Meet at the parking lot opposite 811 Maple Street. 7:30-10:00AM Alan Ankers

Saturday, April 29
Carlisle – Foss Farm
We’ll look for early migrants such as sparrows, swallows, raptors and the first of the warblers in the community gardens and farm fields, including the old piggery that is now part of Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. Co-sponsored by the Carlisle Conservation Foundation. Meet at Foss Farm parking lot, just west of the bridge over the Concord River on route 225. 7:00-10:00AM Alan Ankers