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Photos of butterflies in my local area. Do you have a comment? Write me
Swallowtails - showy and beautiful, nearly always on the fly, soaring at a speed impossible to chase, rarely settling, but when they do, a pleasure to photograph.
Whites and Sulphurs - looking over the meadow they are everywhere, too easy to ignore them.
Gossamer wings - my personal favorites, tiny jewels of detail and perfection, the goals of my every treasure hunt.
Brush-foots - my first butterfly photo, a Milbert's Tortoiseshell, how very surprising.
Spread-wing Skippers - two kinds, the ones that are easy to identify, and then the duskywings, I shall wait until next year to work on them.
Grass Skippers - a study in frustration, so similar, always a relief to find the unambiguous one.