Steering Committee



Meetings are usually held in the Community Room of the Fox Library in Arlington. Someone from the Steering Committee tries to be there by 7:00, to allow for a half-hour of socializing, but if the door is locked, please do wait.

Thursday, April 18th  7:30 PM
Fox Library Community Room
Members Photo Night
Please join the Menotomy Bird Club as we present our Members Photo Night.  This presentation is always a favorite each year as our talented members display a wide arrange of photos and stories that show a combination of local birds and mammals, highlights from exotic travel locations, and amazing scenery.  Based on the reaction from our members from years past, this is a highlight of the year and we expect this year to be no different.

Previous Programs

Tuesday, September 18th 7:30 PM
Fox Library Community Room
iNaturalist – Connect with Nature!
Mark Rosenstein
Please join us as Mark Rosenstein presents an overview of one of the world’s most popular nature apps, iNaturalist.  iNaturalist is a website and phone app which has users making observations of any living thing, plant or animal.  A thriving community of over 750,000 users, novices to experts, help identify sightings and answer questions to help you learn more about nature and can also identify many common organisms.  What’s more, by recording and sharing your observations, you’ll create research quality data for scientists working to better understand and protect nature. Mark will present an overview of how to use iNaturalist to submit your own observations, and how to use the platform to enhance your learning.

Wednesday, October 24th 7:30 PM
Fox Library Community Room
A Wing and a Care
Shawn Carey
Please join us as Shawn Carey from Migration Production presents it’s latest work, “A Wing And A Care,”.  Learn how Snowy Owls, Atlantic Puffins, and American Kestrels are connected by more than simply a resemblance of form or function. A crucial thread ties them together: each one has an advocate committed to protecting it and educating others about its plight. “A Wing And A Care,” opens a window onto the lives of these three birds, and introduces you to the men dedicated to their preservation and survival.
“A Wing And A Care” follows the stories of these three men as they work to protect the birds they love, and shows how a single individual can make a world of difference in the life of a bird. And it asks a critical question: how can each one of us get involved and help build a better future for these incredible birds?

Thursday, November 8th 7:30 PM
Fox Library Community Room
Recording Bird Sounds
Dr. Timothy Spahr
Please join us as Dr. Timothy Spahr leads a workshop where we will discuss recording and analyzing bird vocalizations.  Rather than concentrate on sophisticated recording gear, we will discuss simple recordings made with phones and digital cameras, and then graduate to discussing small hand-held devices and also external microphones.  There are several free sound-processing software packages available such as Audacity, and we will also discuss how to use these simply and effectively for improving recordings.  Lastly, recordings deposited in eBird checklists are being added to the Macaulay Library at Cornell, and we will discuss how to prepare and insert these recordings in your checklists. 

Thursday, January 17th 7:30 PM
Fox Library Community Room
Observations from Manomet Bird Observatory
Evan Dalton

Scientists at Manomet Bird Observatory in Plymouth, MA have been monitoring the birds that use the East Coast migratory flyway for over 50 years. The data they have collected paints a vibrant picture of the health of North American bird populations and how they respond to the challenges posed by habitat loss and climate change. Please join us as Evan Dalton, biologist and educator at Manomet shares the results of 50 years of data collection and what Manomet has learned about bird populations in Massachusetts and beyond.

Tuesday, February 26th 7:30 PM
Fox Library Community Room
Rhode Island: More than the Ocean State
Dan Berard
With beautiful sandy beaches, over 20 islands, and some of the best seafood around, Rhode Island certainly lives up to the nickname the Ocean State. Large rafts of ducks, migrating shorebirds and coastal migrant traps bring the focus of many birders to the coast as well but, did you know almost 60% of Rhode Island is forest and much of that is protected.  In this presentation we’ll discuss some of Rhode Island’s well known birding spots, a few hidden gems and why birds in Rhode Island are important to Massachusetts’s birders. Join us as we discover Rhode Island’s diverse habitats and diverse species of birds that call this small state home.

Tuesday, March 19th 7:30 PM
Fox Library Community Room
The Life of Terns – Birds of Paradox
Peter Trull
Please join us as Peter Trull presents this colorful program about the intimate lives of these graceful and beautiful birds. This presentation is both a photographic journey and an ornithological diary describing the day to day colony life as seen by someone who watched, recorded, photographed and shared data over a period of more than 10 years. These photographs offer observations into the fragile yet frantic family lives of these birds as seen from inside the nesting colony. Many behaviors and scenes depicted here have never been seen and are unfamiliar to the casual observer.